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The Grim Spectre
1937: The world on the brink of war. But in the city of Riverburgh, NY, 40 miles north of Manhattan, there was a different kind of war brewing. It was a war of survival for the common man. A war against the gangsters and thugs who ruled the streets and against the corrupt politicians who turned a blind eye to the evil that ran rampant in Riverburgh.

In a city where everyone had given up hope and cried to the heavens for a savior, a savior had arrived. But was he heaven sent or a monster from hell? A grim, skull-faced being glowed with a terrible brightness. A monstrous creature who wielded twin .45 caliber pistols with a deadly and practiced aim, as well as strange and frightening powers that matched his terrible glowing eyes.

But would even the terrible Grim Spectre be a match for the forces the gang lord Phylo Zeus unleashed against him? Even if he was, would the Grim Spectre be able to withstand the attacks of the corrupt mayor and his police force that dogged his every move? Caught between the twin forces of darkness encompassing the small city of Riverburgh, was the Grim Spectre too little, too late? Or can the supernatural avenger somehow defeat his many foes on both sides of the law while caught in the vise of their greed and corruption?

Find out in the New Pulp adventure
The Grim Spectre by Ralph L. Angelo, Jr.

©2015 Ralph L. Angelo Jr. (P)2016 Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
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Creeping Dawn
The first volume in an epic tale of heroes, villains, murder, and madness. Follow the birth and growth of one of the strangest characters in new pulp fiction to date, The Black Centipede, as created by Chuck Miller!

©2011 Chuck Miller (P)2016 RadioArchives.com
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